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Folding Pocket Lock Pick Set 8P

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    The Folding Lock Pick Set 8-Piece is a high-quality Jackknife-style set machined from solid aluminum billet. To deploy the picks, rotate the locking lever 90 degrees to allow the 8 picks to swing out. The locking lever positively locks to allow the tools to be used in any orientation (right side up or upside down). The included tension tool can easily be removed from the storage slot by pushing the thumb slot. The 8 picks can be swapped out for various lock pick profiles to suit your desired configuration. A pocket clip allows the tool to easily integrate into your everyday carry.

    The following picks are included:

    • Single Ball
    • Small Diamond
    • FALE Reach
    • Short Hook
    • C-Rake
    • S-Rake
    • City Rake
    • Half Double Ball
    • Tension Tool


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    1. Great little guy

      I've owned one of these bad boys for about 5 years. My girlfriend became interested in lock picking for fun and had been using my pocket folder. For Christmas I got her one of her own so I can have mine back :). Hers is the same build and high quality of the one I purchased years ago. The tension wrench works great and slides back into the pocket folder easily. It provides an extra firm grip when sliding back into the folder (keeping it from ever falling out) thanks to the spring action provided by the slight bend in it. There is a swing bar that screws the picks into place firmly. The leverage provided by the swing bar allows you to tighten as much as you like... it's always easy to untighten. The picks themselves are fairly standard as you can see in the pictures of the product. I usually stick with the diamond or the hook. For my hands the handle fits pretty well. My hands are fairly standard for a guy of 5'10" build. Somebody with much larger hands might have a more difficult time handling this thing.

      Overall I love this thing. I keep hidden in my backpack in a small dark pocket under a dark cleaning cloth. It wouldn't be found unless someone was very diligent. But it's always there should I ever need it.

      And for the record, I've only ever needed it once. Drove several hours to a cabin and had forgotten the key. Oops. No big deal, though. Just walked to the car and reached into my backpack. Done.
      on 29th Dec 2015

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