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Kevlar® 188lb Survival Cord - 20ft

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    A must have for everyday carry, your bug-out bag and Urban Security and Evasion kits. Made from 3 strand, 188lb test KevlarÌ´åÂ, our cord withstands extreme temperatures, is flame resistant and highly chemical resistant. Pre-wrapped 20 foot spools can be used for snares, traps, improvised hunting bows, flexi-cuff cutting and more!

    • Tensile Strength: 188lbs
    • Color: Black
    • Length: 20ft
    • Made in USA
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    1. it really will hold that much!

      Having had no prior experience with kevlar cord, I decided to test it. I weigh 185 lbs. I looped it over an exposed beam in the storage shed, wrapped the ends around a short piece of wood, grabbed hold and lifted my feet.... and it held!

      I only tested it for 5 or 6 seconds, but it held fine.

      Great product. I am very impressed
      I cut it in half, and carry 10 feet of it in my wallet.
      on 26th Mar 2016

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